Satguru Swami Bhagat Prakash Ji Maharaj

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Satguru Swami Bhagat Ji Maharaj

Swami are the fifth successor of the Satguru Swami Teoonram Ji Maharaj and working as the Fifth President of Prem Prakash Mandal.

Swami Bhagat Prakash living at Amrapur Ashram Jaipur are among the most popular saints of Prem Prakash Mandal. In India and abroad there are many thousands of devotees worshiping him as their guide and master on the path of spirituality and self realisation.

There are very few, rare and selected human souls, which are blessed to live and start the physical life on the earth in the company of Guru. As per the tradition of many sindhi families of giving their one kid to serve Darbar [holly prayer place] or spiritual master saint,  Swami Bhagat Prakash were given to Swami Servanand Ji, who not only take care of his physical life but also enriched him with true knowledge. 

One such soul is Swami Bhagat Prakash, who was born as the child of Koushaliyabai and Tekamdas Khilnani at Mumbai On the day Chand [ Full Moon Day corresponding date 03 November] of Kartik month in 1960. Swami ji’s birthname was Dharamdas, literary which means servant of religion.

His Maternal Grand father [ Nana Ji] family was closely related with Satguru Sawami Sarvanand Mahraj. The family decided to give the kid Dharamdas in the service of Satguru and accordingly Dharamdas was there in Amarapur Aasthan Jaipur to serve Satguru.

Satguru swami Sarvanand Maharaj were also pleased with the devotion of Dharamdas and were taking care of Dharamdas as the son.

They started the his education and Dharamdas passed M.A. in first class with Hindi , Sanskrit and English. For few years Dharamdas was at Prem Prakash Aashram Haridwar and also at Prem Prakash Mandali Mumbai to guide the devotees on the path of Prem Prakash. His Name was Changed as Swami Bhagat Prakash, which means one who shows light [Prakash] to devotee [Bhagat].

Swami Bhagat Prakash Ji has developed an unique way of teaching religious thought to masses, they start Satsang with a traditional religious sindhi song associated with Prem Prakash Mandal so the devotees get involved and goes on narrating teachings of Satgurus of Prem Prakash Panth.

Satguru Swami Bhagat Prakash Ji Maharaj | Prem Prakash Mandal Mandir | Hindu Temple Near Me | Hindu Mandir Near Me