Prem Prakash Panth

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Prem Prakash Panth is a Hindu spiritual and religious organization which was founded by Acharya Pooj Shree 1008 Satguru Swami Teonram Ji Maharaj in Sindh [Undivided India]. The panth was propagated to India by Satguru Swami Teoonram´s successor, Satguru Swami Sarvanand Ji Maharaj after the partition.

The panth is focused on spreading the teachings of its founder, Satguru Swami Teonram Ji Maharaj. It is also based around the principles of “Sanatan Dharma” which pertains to “devotion towards God”. The panth also emphasizes the need to do selfless service for the benefit of the common good and the world in general which include but are not limited to the earth, mankind, animals, etc. There are many events organized to help those in need.

Prem Prakash Mandal Mandir | Hindu Temple Near Me | Hindu Mandir Near Me
Satguru Swami Teonram Ji Maharaj

There is also a popular saying in our panth about “bhajan and bhojan”. Bhajan pertains to the religious songs in Hinduism while bhojan pertains to food. Our Guru used this term many times to emphasize his belief that the panth aims to provide

both bhajan and bhojan to its devotees as it recognizes that you would have a hard time to focus on your spiritual uplifment if you are hungry as it would prevent you from concentrating. The food that is provided is “prasadam”, If we look at in the spiritual sense in which the saying´s roots are based, the panth aims to provide you with spiritual nourishment and uplifment for the betterment of one´s soul. Ever since the beginning in Sindh, Swamiji himself used to distribute “dodo chutney” as “prasadam” to all those who attended the congregation. No individual left “empty” as Swamiji provided both physical and spiritual nourishment to all around.

The panth has its headquarters in Jaipur, India and is currently headed by the present “Gadeshwar”, Satguru Swami Bhagat Prakash Ji Maharaj. Swamiji travels a lot locally and around the world to spread the word of Satguru Swami Teoonram Ji Maharaj. He bequeaths “naam”, the sacred name, to the devotees who wish to be initiated into this path. 

Swamiji emphasizes on the need for meditation so that one can attune himself to the “Lord” which is WITHIN all of us. It is mentioned in the Holy Scriptures that without attaining “naam” (holy name) and subsequently meditating on it, one will not be able to attain “mukti” (self-realization). Swamiji´s life is a testament of the teachings of the Master. There are over 100 “darbars” (temples) both locally and around the world where religious discourses are held and devotees meet together and learn about the teachings of the Master. This is in accordance of the panth´s principles of “seva” (service), “simran” (meditation), and “satsang” (being in the company of saints). 

The teachings of Satguru Swami Teoonram Ji Maharaj have been compiled by Satguru Swami Sarvanand and various sages of the panth into the Prem Prakash Granth, a poetic illustration of the Master´s teachings which serves as a guide for all devotees. The Prem Prakash Granth consists of both Hindi and Sindhi verses. 

The devotees of the panth greet each other by saying “Satnam Sakhi”, which means the “self is the witness of the true name”. The salutation of “Satnam Sakhi” has profound meaning as these words occured to Satguru Swami Teoonram Ji Maharaj when he was meditating. “Satnam Sakhi” is mentioned in our vedas since time immemorial. 

All the Prem Prakashis hold Saturday with high regard. Although all the days of the week are important and are God´s days too, Saturday is the most auspicious day for Prem Prakashis because it was on a Saturday that Satguru Swami Teoonramj Ji was born and it is also on Saturday that he left this earthly plane to merge with the Supreme. This is the reason that satsang is always celebrated across all the centers in the world every Saturday. 

The annual event of the panth, “Chaitra Mela”, is celebrated every year so that devotees around the world can come together and listen to spiritual discourses and do “seva” (service) for the thousands of people that come to attend the event. Satguru Swami Teoonram Ji Maharaj exclaimed that this would be the function that would not pertain to a birth/death anniversary which will be celebrated for years to come so devotees can nourish their spiritual selves. The different saints from almost all the different branches get together for this blissful annual event.